Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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11 May, 2016
Re: Basel Committee Report on Bank Supervision and Member Banks Financial Activities
Dear Applicant,
You receive this email because your central bank submitted your name as one of the countrys victims of Unfair Bank Charges/Unprocessed Payment/Advance Fee Fraud.
Bank for International Settlement (BIS) is owned by over 60 member countries to foster international cooperation and to act as a bank for central banks. BIS mandated the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and BIS All Governors'  meeting to look into above cases with a view to ;
1.        Indentifing genuine cases and proffer methodology for direct compensation of victims .
2.        Establish a Central Counter Parties (CCPs) that interposes itself between the two countries.
3.        Provide standardized and transparent inter-bank compensation/payment to the victims.
Plenary in November/December  2015  approved an initial payment by direct debit of the accounts of the affected central banks and reimbursement to victims through designated BIS member banks .
As one of the beneficiaries of this payment,contact Claims Handling Centre; CVS Global Services AG on e-Mail: and request for  FORMI-DTB-2016 BIS Claims/Settlements, fill it and return to them for processing and submission to us.
Should you have any question(s) on how to complete the form or require any other information on this e-Notification call +41 61 588 0003.
Yours truly,
David Archer
For: BIS Banking Department
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