Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

July Gallery Highlights

Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.

~ Pablo Picasso ~

Goller - Standing Bull, encaustic 30x40
Now we are really believing it is summer and are planning new trips and excursions whilst hard at work in our studios. This month will find Carrie and family traveling to New Hampshire to celebrate the wedding of her youngest son. Meanwhile she is excited to have completed some commissions and is eager to get back in the studio to work on her new encaustic/mixed media series of majestic creatures.  Max has been busy fulfilling custom commission requests, yet somehow has still found time to paint two new pieces for the gallery. 

Max (right) and long-time partner, Don Sederholm. The highlight of June was celebrating Max Hayslette's 90th birthday! 

We are excited to welcome new emerging artist, Jill Zacot to the gallery.  Her cheering glimpses of local scenery make her a fun addition. The diminutive scale of her works make them perfect for travelers or locals, alike. 

Zacot - Scattered Clouds, acrylic 8x8


Hayslette poster - Ebb Tide at Ruby Beach No. 2

This Saturday, July 13, 5-8pm, mark your calendars for Second Saturday Artwalk. Meet the renowned Max Hayslette, who will be autographing complimentary posters of his Ebb Tide at Ruby Beach No. 2 and showing his latest work. Please join us and all the art galleries on Poulsbo's charming Front Street for fine wine and festivities. 

Carrie Goller Gallery is open daily 11-5:30. Located in historic downtown Poulsbo, the gallery features a mix of contemporary fine art from small to large-scale, in a variety of media, from paintings to sculpture to jewelry. We work closely with each individual collector to assist in acquisitions for their particular tastes and requirements; including special orders, shipping, installation and also offer interior design consultations. If you cannot visit the gallery, please see the Available Art link at our online store: www.carriegollergallery.com.

Best wishes,

Carrie & staff 
Carrie Goller Gallery

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Below is only a small sampling of what is new in the gallery.
To view all available art:
  Then click on AVAILABLE ART, you will see a drop-down menu for each artist. 
Or, click direct links below for the artists featured in this newsletter. 

Hayslette - Fort Worden Sunrise 20x40
Goller - Storm Pacifica, encaustic 18x24
Goller - Bovinity, oil 24x48

Zacot - Poulsbohemian Patio, acrylic 6x6

Hayslette - Ebb Tide at Ruby Beach 2, 30x40
Zacot - Daily UPS, acrylic 6x6
Zacot - Poulsbo Shopping, acrylic 6x6
Goller - Ovedia Noble, oil 48x48
Zacot - Poulsbohemian, acrylic 6x6
Alison Wahl Jewelry

Kimball - Cobalt Glass & Stainless Steel 30x30

Alison Wahl Jewelry

Custom Art and Jewelry Commissions, Giclee Prints and 
Art Rental Program

Goller - Pomegranite Harvest installed in Bainbridge collector's home

Residential - Corporate - Healthcare - Hospitality

Do you have a specific art commission in mind?
Are you staging a home for sale? 
Is it time to rotate art at your workplace or home?
Are you seeking to widen your range of art resources?

Our Art Rental Program offers fresh and exciting options for your environment, including customizable original art from over 40 artists. With access to over 250,000 giclee reproduction images in a wide variety of formats, we are able to offer affordable art options for most any budget. Additionally, we are agents of Max Hayslette's 2000+ archival giclee reproductions on paper and canvas.  

If you are looking for the perfect piece but have been unable to find it, consider a custom commission from one of our gallery artists.

Custom Jewelry by Charles Goller

Artist Charles Goller creates intricately wire-wrapped jewelry from precious gemstones and crystals which he selectively imports world-wide. He also does specialized custom work. He has worked hard to establish trusting connections and cares deeply about his sources; many in small villages around the globe, where the gems are mined by the villagers and contribute to the majority of their income. Recently Charles has been invited to a museum and several galleries in Sedona, AZ and Santa Fe, NM and is also supplying a New Zealand store with his work. Ever-expanding his skills, currently Charles is becoming an engraver, which keeps him rather busy. However, he still does accept commissions. 
 Email him at soulstarcrystals@gmail.com.
Charles Goller Wire Wrapped Crystals and Gemstones


Visit the beautiful Bainbridge Island Museum of Art
to see additional art offerings by Carrie Goller in the museum's Gallery Store, including a wide selection of framed mini-prints, greeting cards and original artwork. Collect the recently released Goller signature mugs depicting Bluebird Balthazar. Also available at HeyDay Farm Store on Bainbridge. If you wish to put in a special bulk order for cards let us know at 360-779-2388.

Carrie Goller - Collectable Mugs at BIMA

Out of town?  No problem - we ship anywhere!

contemporary fine art by local/regional artists

18801 Front Street, Poulsbo, WA 98370
(please request mailing address - no mail delivery on Front Street)

Open daily 11am - 5:30pm
and by appointment
located in Historic Downtown Poulsbo

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