Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I know you are a pedophile..

Yeah. I know you are a pedophile.
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I am a computer scientist (internet security specialist) with affiliation
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Few months ago you downloaded an application.
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Info37995_Booboo_blogger_com_1563675799.mp4 (60.8 MB)
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I am not here to judge the morality of your sexual preferences, I am here to
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Remember, I am watching you.


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

August Gallery Highlights

Insomnia then, is not just a state of sleeplessness, a matter of negatives.
It involves the active pursuit of sleep. It is a state of longing.

~ Marina Benjamin ~

Gabriel Lipper - Between Worlds, mixed media 24x24

Sleep comes more easily than it returns.

~ Victor Hugo ~
Please join us in welcoming talented Ashland, Oregon artist, Gabriel Lipper for his August exhibition - Insomnia, this Saturday, August 10, from 5-8pm at 2nd Saturday Artwalk. For more information about Gabriel, see his Artist Bio.

Lipper: Cotton, mixed media 18x18

In a world driven by frenetic distraction, sleep can often feel like an intangible luxury. The desire for rest collides head on with our compulsion to push further, to do more. As we ready ourselves for bed, the mind begins its all too familiar dance with the past, evading the present, and leaping into the uncertainties of a hypothetical future. Churning in fragmented thought, a ceaseless internal monologue shifts from a faint whisper to a chattering buzz. The eyes snap open. Even darkness itself has an electricity. The tension of the body reminds us of our fatigue, the pain in our joints, the waning of our physical power. Our momentum is unsustainable. Still, sleep eludes us. What is this ethereal spirit that corrupts our dreams and steals our rest? Has it grown from our ambitions? Our ego? Or is it born from the fear of missing out on some fictitious tomorrow? Our inability to stop the chatter only serves to increase the anxious pursuit of this unattainable peace. Inevitably, night wanes and a new dawn interrupts our unrest with its insistent truth. We brace for another day, and continue our walk between worlds.


In other gallery news, artists are on the move...  Sophie Frieda's life has been uprooted by a recent move (thankfully, she is still nearby on Bainbridge Island), new gallery artist Jill Zacot is now stationed in Hawaii, jewelry artist/engraver Charles Goller has moved to Virginia, and plans next to move to New Hampshire; and Carrie Goller has been teaching and traveling (son, Charlie was recently married in New Hampshire). Only Max Hayslette has stayed put, working hard to continue to enchant us with his stunning land and seascapes, which brings us to a big announcement... 

Max Hayslette fans are in for a treat - our Max Hayslette online print store is now open! We have hand-selected 100 Max Hayslette images to start with and will be adding more regularly. If you have one in mind that you do not see offered; please let us know, so we may add it. We have included three size variations for each print, but there are many other size variations available on canvas, paper or metal (it would be a monumental undertaking to list them all). We have included a few of our favorites (see image grid below). 


Hayslette poster - Cape Flattery in Gold No. 4

This Saturday, August 10, 5-8pm, mark your calendars for Second Saturday Artwalk. Meet August featured artist Gabriel Lipper in person and view his enthereal Insomnia series.  Also, the renowned Max Hayslette will be autographing complimentary posters of his beautiful Cape Flattery in Gold No. 4 and showing his latest work. Please join us and all the art galleries on Poulsbo's charming Front Street for fine wine and festivities. 

Carrie Goller Gallery is open daily 11-5:30. Located in historic downtown Poulsbo, the gallery features a mix of contemporary fine art from small to large-scale, in a variety of media, from paintings to sculpture to jewelry. We work closely with each individual collector to assist in acquisitions for their particular tastes and requirements; including special orders, shipping, installation and also offer custom commissions, whether you are a collector, designer, or architect. If you cannot visit the gallery, please see the Shop Available Art link at our online store:

Best wishes,

Carrie & staff 
Carrie Goller Gallery

Follow us!

Below is only a small sampling of what is new in the gallery.
To view all available art:
  Then click on SHOP AVAILABLE ART,
you will see a drop-down menu for each artist. 
Or, click direct links below for the artists featured in this newsletter. 

a few glimpses of
N E W   W O R K

Lipper: Insomnia 6:00am
mixed media 18x18
Lipper: Insomnia 3:00am
mixed media 12x12
Lipper: Insomnia 5:00am
mixed media 18x18

Hayslette: Beaver Creek Trail 24x30

Hayslette: Mt. Baker in Autumn 20x40
Hayslette: Cape Flattery in Gold 4, 30x30
Goller: Hood Canal Sunset V
encaustic 9x9
Goller: Theodora
encaustic/mixed media 30x40
Goller: Sheltered VIII
encaustic 8x8
Frieda: Hide & Seek, oil 24x24

Kimball: Spring Salmon, glass, stone, steel 12x24x5

Goller: Mossback, oil 10x10

Hayslette - Dream of Lake Crescent - giclee print

Evening at the Beach 3
Snow in the Foothills
Ruby Beach 2
Afternoon Picnic
Cape Flattery 3
We are also hard at work on the
more prints are being added regularly, so stay tuned.  

Goller: Cristiano, oil 24x36

Do you have a specific art commission in mind?
Are you staging a home for sale? 
Is it time to rotate art at your workplace or home?
Are you seeking to widen your range of art resources?

Whether you are a collector, designer or architect, Carrie Goller enjoys collaborating on custom projects. Whether a large custom art commission or a giclee print project, Goller is mindful of budget and time constraints for each individual client or collector. Once, with a one week deadline to create four custom sculpted encaustic Four Seasons Trees, she took all meals in the studio; stopping only for sleep. The project was completed and flown to Florida on time and looked beautiful under a custom Dale Chihuly Seaform ceiling. 

Our Art Rental Program offers fresh and exciting options for your environment, including customizable original art from over 40 artists. With access to over 250,000 giclee reproduction images in a wide variety of formats, we are able to offer affordable art options for most any budget. Additionally, we are agents of Max Hayslette's 2000+ archival giclee reproductions on paper and canvas.  

If you are looking for the perfect piece but have been unable to find it, consider a custom commission from one of our gallery artists.

Artist Charles Goller creates intricately wire-wrapped jewelry from precious gemstones and crystals which he selectively imports world-wide. He also does specialized custom work. He has worked hard to establish trusting connections and cares deeply about his sources; many in small villages around the globe, where the gems are mined by the villagers and contribute to the majority of their income. Recently Charles has been invited to a museum and several galleries in Sedona, AZ and Santa Fe, NM and is also supplying a New Zealand store with his work. Ever-expanding his skills, currently Charles is becoming an engraver, which keeps him rather busy. However, he still does accept commissions. 
 Email him at
Charles Goller
Wire Wrapped Crystals
and Gemstones

Since 2000, Alison has designed and created contemporary jewelry with semi-precious stones, seaglass, shells and bone carvings using two types of metals, sterling silver and bronze. 

Blue Topaz Triple stone ring is Sterling Bronze overlay, adjustable 6.5-10



Visit the beautiful Bainbridge Island Museum of Art
to see additional art offerings by Carrie Goller in the museum's Gallery Store, including a wide selection of framed mini-prints, greeting cards and original artwork. Collect the recently released Goller signature mugs depicting Bluebird Balthazar. Also available at HeyDay Farm Store on Bainbridge. If you wish to put in a special bulk order for cards let us know at 360-779-2388.

Carrie Goller
Collectable Mugs at BIMA

Out of town?  No problem - we ship anywhere!

contemporary fine art by local/regional artists

18801 Front Street, Poulsbo, WA 98370
(please request mailing address - no mail delivery on Front Street)

Open daily 11am - 5:30pm
and by appointment
located in Historic Downtown Poulsbo

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