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Matt Shea: Rampart Investigation Fatally Flawed? Source Credibility in Question

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News Beyond the News - December 21, 2019

Matt Shea: Rampart Investigation Fatally Flawed? Source Credibility in Question

Matt Shea: Rampart Investigation Fatally Flawed?



SARASOTA – Whether or not Matt Shea deserves the recent lynching after the assimilation of "terrorist" and "patriot" begs the question.  The rumbling you hear in the background may be our founding fathers turning over in their graves, after sacrificing their blood, treasure and sacred honor, realizing the descendants now in the driver's seat put the "patriot" and "terrorist" in  the same category.

A "High Level" Perspective

Don't err. The term "high level" does not mean an arrogant, condescending, ignorant perspective forcing a treacherously censored set of fact, law and reason, to arrive at a cherry picked set of facts to justify sending the rope over the branch to lynch this guy before he open's his damn mouth and tries to exercise any due process.

"High Level" from the 60 years experience of this seasoned IT engineer / journalist, is defined as a general, inclusive, perspective, where our sacred, blood bought Constitutional principles Trumps, [pun intended] the infinite set of he said /she said never ending controvertible facts.  Ancient Jewish Rabbis teach that to defame and ruin a man's reputation goes lower than murder.

Rampart Investigation: Garbage In, Garbage Out.

While Rampart toots it's horn as the next best thing to God's omniscient investigation team, a few basic logical engineering principles show Rampart threw itself under it's own bus full of unreliable sources, as documented in the so-called Matt Shea investigation. The said profoundly erroneous logical errors in the "Investigation" deserve this critical pushback based on the same critical thinking this author's treasure goes back to the Seattle University Boolean logic gained in Fr. Robert Spitzer's[1] classes in the mid ninety's.

The Fatal flaws in the conclusion [of the Matt Shea Investigation] result from fatal[ly] [deficient] processes relying on fatally corrupt sources. While this author, nor most people, can scrutinize [correctness] of the Matt Shea subject matter, we can likely agree that if we drink polluted water, we risk the likelihood of illness. Eg: the DNC Christopher Greene dossier concocted to overthrow our  duly elected President Donald J. Trump, now pending in the current Coup / Impeachment modus operandi.  Simply put, the following [toxic, unreliable] sources rely on [fabricated] hearsay or worse:

  1. The Southern Poverty Law Center – propounded money laundering in off shore accounts,
    classifying conservative, well-established faith-based institutions as "hate groups",
    even attempting to instigate heavy handed investigations and sanctions. A few of the investigations aimed at the SPCL follows:    Christian groups are celebrating with the news that the Federal Bureau of Investigation   appears to have scrubbed the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) from its hate crimes webpage,   where the controversial group was listed as a resource and referred to as a partner in public outreach, and    CORRUPTION    12 Ways The Southern Poverty Law Center Is A Scam To Profit From Hate-Mongering    The Southern Poverty Law Center's 'Hate List' has all the authority of a mean girl's burn book.   Yet it is dangerously provocative.    The SPLC uses its list of designated hate groups in much the same way: to manipulate the lives of others,   smear reputations, control personal relationships, and reap the spoils. The dynamic is the same,   whether played on the adolescent scene or in the political arena.  Both lists serve mostly as power-mongering tools.    By Stella Morabito    MAY 17, 2017
  1. Oregon Public Broadcasting / Oregon Live: This author, having direct sources in the Malheur Refuge Standoff,   BLM land grab, Uranium One and Lavoy Finicum ambush / murder relies on fact, [constitutional law] and reason,   to support the factual nature of these weighty [constitutional] matters. Simply put, OPB relied on information   gleaned from "fruit of the poisonous tree"; the same perps engaged in the BLM land grab modus operandi,   unverified by fact and law.

Proposed Discontinuation Deserves a Screeching Halt to the Matt Shea Lynching

[Ongoing] revelations of fact, [constitutional] law and reason, at the very least, deserve the careful, deliberate application of Constitutional due process…after scrutinizing with reliable facts, constitutional law, reason, not limited to the context of Uranium One, Malheur Refuge, Ranchers Bundy, Hamonds and Finicums. The Matt Shea subject matter propound a vastly inferior premise in juxtaposition to the United States Constitution and Due process. Simply put, this lynching in the public theater of an elected official smells like the same 1935 Germany our forefathers gave their lives and treasure to defeat. A change of course after a careful self-inventory is vital to our children's legacy.

[1] Fr. Robert Spitzer later distinguished himself as the President of Gonzaga University.  This author's blessing beyond measure includes the privilege to study under Spitzer.

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Who Paid to Investigate Matt Shea? Uranium One? Lavoy Finicum? BLM? Hammonds? Bundy?

To read the newsletter online you can visit this link: Who Paid to Investigate Matt Shea? Uranium One? Lavoy Finicum? BLM? Hammonds? Bundy?

Just another WordPress site - December 20, 2019

Who Paid to Investigate Matt Shea? Uranium One? Lavoy Finicum? BLM? Hammonds? Bundy?

Who Paid to Investigate Matt Shea? Uranium One? Lavoy Finicum? BLM? Hammonds? Bundy?















SARASOTA – Having received the alleged investigation of Representative "Matt Shea" of Spokane, Wa date 12-18-2019 Investigation, deep hooks into the Malheur – Bundy Ranch – Oregon Standoff roots are laid bare, whereas Lavoy Finicum's blood cries out for justice.

The Matt Shea investigation smells the same pungent odor as the Trump Dossier; the same instruction applies here, "follow the money".

[embeddoc url=”” viewer=”google”]

Who Paid to "Investigate" Representative Matt Shea?

This so-called investigation lacks facts, testimony, law and reason.. Main stream media sources not limited to KREM, KXLY and KIRO pounced on this story without further investigation. Sources in this document mostly rely on basic [faulty] internet searches of unreliable sources; a few to name here are:

  1. Wikipedia – historically unreliable
  2. Southern Poverty Law Center – under investigation for multiple corruption
  3. Misstatements, exaggerations regarding the Malheur Standoff of “heavily armed” militants,
  4. Investigators failure to expose the BLM armed threats [or coverup?], such as BLM cutting rancher's water access for livestock,
  5. BLM heavy handed land grab and excessive grazing fees.

The “investigation” fails to adequately investigate the Clinton connection to Uranium One; whereas, "Yellow cake" uranium is reported in quantity on the ranchers land. Public knowledge has connected the Clinton Uranium One modus operandi driving the BLM land grab of the rancher's land.

Lavoy Finicum Ambush / Murder Remains Unsolved

Does the Lavoy Finicum ambush / murder remains unprosecuted? An unresolved indictment of an FBI agent remains. Matt Shea apparently ventures too close to uncovering the roots of the matter, not limited to Uranium One, BLM heavy handed land grab, Rancher's water rights as well as the rancher's land claim history dating back to the 1859 time period in legal documents.

Matt Shea is an easy target for a due-process-less wolf-pack by the left: a Christian, pro-life, conservative, supporting the historical marriage model of the man and woman. Matt Shea displays nothing more than verbalized rhetoric; our 1st amendment freedom of speech remains, as well as our right to petition and due process. This rush to defame, slander and destroy Matt Shea should be soundly halted with the careful application of due process; lest the next lynching be one of us.




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Thursday, December 19, 2019

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Join us for Second Saturday Artwalk!

OPEN DAILY 11-5:30
Highlighted Works
Hayslette: Mt. Baker in Winter 3, 28x34
Hayslette: Eglon Morning, 28x34
Hayslette: Morning Mist 2, 24x30
Goller: Natural, encaustic/mixed media 36x24
Goller: Natural XI, encaustic/watercolor/metal leaf 9x12
Goller: Natural XII, encaustic/watercolor/metal leaf 9x12
Hayslette: Mid Century Modern #43, 30x30
Frieda: Color Structure 2, oil 24x24
Hayslette: Northern Harrier (male), oil 30x20
Goller: Olive, oil 12x12
Goller: Bouquet X, encaustic/mixed media 26x26
Goller: Bridget, oil 12x12
Goller: Smidget, oil 6x4
Goller: Tropique, oil 5x5
Goller: Matilda, oil 12x12
Goller: Sheltered X, encaustic 10x10
Hayslette: Northern Harrier (female) 40x25
Goller: Sheltered XI, encaustic 5x5
Hayslette: Reine, Norway (above the Arctic Circle)
Hayslette: The Forgotten
Hayslette: October Fantasy
Hayslette: Autumn's Shimmering Light
Hayslette: Apple Tree Cove
Hayslette: Autumn in the Olympics
Goller: Bainbridge Rowers
Goller: Loafers
Goller: Agate Pass Autumn
Loran Scruggs - Recycled Metal Toys & Art

We are so happy to have Port Townsend artist, Loran Scruggs' joyful recycled metal toys and art in the gallery. Robots are our favorite (not pictured), they sell out very quickly! The whistles make great jewelry and they sure do work! Try to collect just one - at just $18 each, it is not possible for most.

Since 2000, Alison has designed and created high-quality contemporary jewelry with semi-precious stones, seaglass, shells and bone carvings using two types of metals, sterling silver and bronze.

Pictured at left: An assortment of Alison Wahl chunky sterling silver, brass and gemstone and seaglass adjustable rings (women's size 6.5 - 10).

Visit the beautiful Bainbridge Island Museum of Art Store year-round to see additional art offerings by Carrie Goller, including 8x10 prints, and her popular mini-prints with hand-painted frames, greeting cards and also original artwork. Collect the recently released Goller signature mugs depicting Bluebird, Balthazar. Admission is FREE! Greeting cards are also available at Bay Hay & Feed and Heyday Farm Store on Bainbridge. If you wish to place a bulk order for greeting cards, let us know at 360-779-2388.
contemporary fine art by local/regional artists

18801 Front Street, Poulsbo, WA
Open daily, 11am - 5:30pm
and by appointment
(closed major holidays)
located in Historic Downtown Poulsbo

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